Powerful Gear. Plenty of vibrant lighting. State-of-the-art mixing hardware.

We also have some much heavier-duty gear available for specific types of shows.
Contact Us directly for larger events (greater than 250 people).

QSC K12 Main Speakers:
Exceptionally powerful 1000 watt loudspeakers, these speakers can provide crisp, clear audio at even the highest volume. The quality of these speakers is unsurpassed and we highly recommend them for any large event or events where audio quality is an absolute essential.
QSC KW181 Subwoofer:
Over 1400 watts of earth-shattering bass with this 18" subwoofer. This thing is suitable for large venues, clubs and crowds approaching 300+ people. Despite its massive power, it's physically small enough to not be a distraction or a crowd hazard, and we can easily dial in the bass levels to get the exact amount of rumbling sound you'll need.

Behringer 212 Small Main Speakers:
Cost-effective, powerful 400 watt 2-way PA speakers with stands. These are heavy-duty units with 12" drivers and horn tweeters. These provide clear high and mid tones at a volume suitable for smaller events and venues. We bring stands for these, too, to ensure the music sounds just right.
Behringer Truth Small Subwoofer:
Deep, rumbling 400 watt Dual 8" Subwoofer with clear bass tones. For smaller venues or for events where we want to limit the bass to a "reasonable" level, we can bring this unit. It still delivers powerful bass, just not enough to cause trouble with your neighbors.
Traktor S4 DJ Mixer:
This is a state-of-the-art, powerful mixing system with incredibly advanced technology, only just released in December of 2010. With this unit, we can remix live, seamlessly transition songs for perfect flow and keep that dance floor moving! We have over 75,000 songs available to mix with this thing.
Chauvet Obey Lighting Mixer:
With this controller, we can change the color, strobe effects, fade time and many other parameters of our LED-based lighting fixtures remotely. Do you need some classy purple ambience? Or perhaps you're looking for a green theme, or some crazy red-orange Halloween looks. Either way, we can use this to create the right lighting theme for your event.
Chauvet COLORPalette Wash/Panel Lights:
Two controllable panels provide strobe effects, ambient lighting and sound-activated mood lighting. We have controllers that can customize the lighting for your needs, dialing in the color combination ideal for your event. Do you need more purples and reds? Or perhaps yellows or blues, we can customize these lights even DURING your event, provide the best mood.
Chauvet Intimidator Scanner Lights:
Adding atmosphere to the dance floor with moving spotlight patterns that change color and form. We have two of these lights to provide maximum coverage. Both of them are sound-sensitive, so they change color, pattern and position based on the tempo of the music.
Chauvet J-Six Moonflower Light:
Moving, rotating, color changing spot pattern flashes to the beat and travels around the dance floor. This light is two-in-one, facing both sides of the dance floor. It's a very classy effect, bright and hypnotizing.
Chauvet Laser Emitters:
Shimmering lasers rove around the dancefloor, in time with the beat. Both red and green lasers interact with each other in a variety of interesting patterns. If you want us to bring a fog machine with this emitter, it will look even more amazing. We have two laser emitters for maximum coverage.
Chauvet LEDRain 56C Par Cans:
We have two LED par cans that can be customized for the atmosphere of your event. We can even place them as mood or accent lighting, and control them with a variety of effects form simple color fades and washes to vibrant strobe lighting, or simple one-color accent lighting. We have a live lighting controller to change the color and style during your event.
Chauvet DJ Bank Lights:
Adding atmosphere to the dance floor with changing color effects that pulsate in time with the beat, these things are very bright and LED based, providing a very crisp color, and we can even adjust the speed and reaction time to provide the best tempo-based ambient light coverage. We have two sets of bank lights with 4 colors on each.
American DJ Vertigo LED Effect Light:
With this light, we achieve a similar effect as a disco ball without actually having to hang one. The great advantage with this light is that we can use it even in venues which do not allow us to mount a disco ball, or simply have no place to mount one. It provides coverage for the entire dance floor (and the ceiling) and has the added benefit of pulsating to the beat!
Chauvet Hurricane 800 Fog Machine:
Strictly optional -- not all events need a fog machine, but if yours does, we have a powerful machine that will easily fill a medium to large venue. And this can look really spectacular with our laser and moonflower lights!
American DJ DuraTruss Stage Trussing:
What good are lights without a place to mount them? We bring our own 15 foot wide triangular stage truss. This thing can get approximately 10 feet high, too. Furthermore, we bring speaker stands and our own table, if you need it. For smaller events, we also have light towers available and smaller truss systems.
Behringer Xenyx Mixer:
This sounds boring, but it allows us to hook up multiple microphones in case anyone wants to do a speech or make an announcement (we can also do that for you -- all of our DJs will MC as well). On top of that, if you have any external audio source that needs to go through our speaker system, we can plug it in here. For example, maybe someone wants to hook their ipod to the system for that special song, or maybe you have a video presentation to deliver. Whatever it is, this allows us to hook it up.