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DJ Velz - House, Dubstep, Electro and Everything

The Original Digital House Artist

An up and coming House artist and disc jockey, DJ Velz mixes some of the most creative and unique beats you'll hear in the House genre. Most of his material is original and he often incorporates popular tunes over top as a part of his sets. Welcome to the House.

Tim Velzy aka DJ Velz began refining his sound at house parties and clubs in Kalamazoo Michigan. Being so close to Chicago and Detroit gave Tim a window into both burgeoning electronic dance music scenes in the 90’s. Tim is currently looking to bring his signature sound to the Florida dance music scene. Having been raised listening to Rock and Roll, Tim’s influences range from artists such as Phish and The Grateful Dead to Sound Tribe Sector 9 and The New Deal. As a DJ Tim draws on a wide array of house music to create a one of a kind dance mix. From the late 90’s and most of the 2000’s Tim was a regular in Detroit’s underground electronic music scene both as a DJ and a fan where he experienced all types of electronic music. From house, and techno to break beat and jungle, Tim draws on his wide range of musical knowledge when creating his unique style of digital electronic music. Look forward to upcoming house and dubstep releases from DJ Velz.

Check Out DJ Velz's Samples

DJ Velz on Radstack Promotions

DJ Velz - A featured artist on Midi Fight Club

DJ Velz on stage at Club Tabu in Ybor City.

DJ Velz rocking the turntables in Detroit.

DJ Velz spinning at a huge wedding reception at the Tampa Museum of Art.

DJ Velz & Dystopic collaborating on board The Florida Aqaurium's private yacht.