DJ Dystopic

Genres: Industrial, Trance, EBM, 80's, Futurepop, Synthpop etc.
Venues: Any Venue

DJ Velz

Genres: House, Electro, Top 40, Dubstep etc.
Venues: Any Venue

DJ Ryan Start

Genres: Minimal/Techno/House, Top 40, and Everything else
Venues: Any Venue

DJ Killswitch

Genres: Breakbeat, Dubstep
Venues: Any Venue

We have a variety of personalities and music styles available for you. If you have questions about which DJ is right for you, Contact Us or you can just Book a DJ right away.

A Note About Our Music Genres:
Most of our DJs have specialty genres, like dubstep or trance, in addition to mainstream music. However this does not in any way reduce our ability to play popular hits for your party. We have over 75,000 songs available, with popular music from the last 50 years to the last 50 minutes! So if you're looking for mainstream music, we've got you covered. Of course, if you need speciality genres, we are more than happy to help too!

Joining The DJ Bay:
More DJs are already auditioning for our open spots, so stay tuned to this page. If you're a DJ and want to join, start the audition process by sending your piece. Keep spinning!