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Midi Fight Club Tampa & Miami

Some of the highlights from one of the most epic Tampa DJ events ever. And how could anyone forget seeing both DJ Craze and DJ Shiftee on stage in Miami! That's five DMC championships between the two of them! Put together by Radstack, The DJ Bay and

Midi Fight Club Miami

With both DJ Craze of Slow Roast Records and DJ Shiftee on stage at Club EVE in downtown Miami, this was one truly memorable show. Radstack Promotions, DJ Techtools and The DJ Bay came together to sponsor the show and bring in a whole slew of talented Controllerist DJs such as DJ Craze, DJ Shiftee, Troy Kurtz, Ean Golden, Dystopic, Velz, Ryan Start, Detroit's Edison, Hedgehog, Ed Paris, DJ Champagne and more... Check out some of the photos from the event!

And Let's not forget Midi Fight Club Tampa!

DJ Shiftee and Ean Golden took center stage on the Friday night before the Miami show! Ean Golden, the founder of and designer of the Midi Fighter line of DJ controllers tore it up with DJ Shiftee on center stage.

Highlights from Midi Fight Club Tampa! Soundtrack by Damaged Goods from Miami's The Overthrow, the record label for Troy Kurtz.

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