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DJ Shiftee at Midi Fight Club Tampa

The DJ Bay Promotes all sorts of local events in cooperation with our partners, Radstack Promotions and Midi Fight Club. Keep an eye out for some of our big parties, or browse some of our past events.

The Hangar at The Social in Ybor City
The Hangar at The Social Club in Ybor City (Click to RSVP)

Check out resident DJ Jet at The Social Club in Ybor City on the Third Friday of every month, starting in August! This will be an amazing show with EBM, Industrial and a variety of dark, stompy sound!

DJ Jet is a long-time favorite of DJ Dystopic, and starting in September, Dystopic will be helping out with the show as well. Don't miss this!

**DJ Tech Tools & The DJ Bay in Miami**
DJ Velz, Ryan Start and DJ Dystopic  were recently at the Midi Fighter, DJ Tech Tools Party in Miami and Tampa! Feature acts Craze, Shiftee, Ean Golden, Jake Childs, Troy Kurtz and more were also there!
Check out the event summary!.

DJ Dystopic will be spinning at Fetish Circuit ( on the second Saturday of every month with resident DJ Jet. The event is going down at the Honeypot in Ybor City.

Dystopic broadcasts LIVE on on Wednesday Nights from 11PM - 1AM and Sunday Evenings from 7PM - 9PM.

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