Just a DJ - No Lights or Sound System

For the most part, this tends to hold true for clubs and bars only. However, if you have a venue for your event that already has sound and lighting, there's no reason you need to pay extra for us to bring something you don't need! We will still bring any essential gear for our show, such as mixers, turntables, CD players and/or computers (each DJ has their own preference for equipment). We'll plug into your rig and get the party going!

DJ Only - Starting at $150:

The DJ Bay will send out the DJ of your choice, availability taken into account, of course, with all of our music and appropriate mixing gear. All of our DJs are real Club DJs, and we've done this many times. If you're running a show with many DJs, live bands or performers, please send us a show schedule so we can tailor our part of the show accordingly. And if you're with a local nightclub or bar... just call us. We'll figure it out!

What's Included:

  • One DJ of your choice, pending availability
  • Up to 2 hours of mixing (additional hours @ $25/hour)
  • The DJ Bay's song library (~75,000 songs)
  • Mixing Equipment (Laptop, mixer, turntables, etc...)

Please note that this package does NOT include a sound system or lighting system, this package assumes that a suitable sound system and lighting system exist at the venue or are provided by another vendor. The DJ will need to know the specifications of the sound system prior to the event to ensure compatibility with our mixing equipment.

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